7 Signs You Need a Website Makeover

time to outsource your marketing
Your website: it’s the face of your business. For some, it’s an accompaniment to a brick-and-mortar store, and for others, it IS the store, albeit a virtual one. You’ll be hard pressed to find many successful businesses, large or small, that don’t have a website today.

That said, simply having a website isn’t enough. It needs to reflect your brand. It needs to be user friendly. It needs to invite people in, rather than scare them off.

So how do you know if your website is doing all those things? How can you determine whether it’s time for a makeover? If your website is guilty of any of the “sins” we discuss below, then the answer is NOW.
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How to Use Google+ Hangouts for Business

google plus
It seems like Google is always cooking up new and interesting products for users. One product that’s gotten a lot of buzz is Google+ Hangouts. Let’s discuss this innovative product and some ways you might be able to use it in your day-to-day work at the office.
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Website Tips: 6 Ways to Make Your Team Bio Pages More Readable & Fun

Is Your Business Mobile Ready?
If your website visitors take the time to look at your “About” section, specifically your team/management page, it’s probably because they’re curious about the people behind the company. Maybe they want to get a better sense of people’s credentials. Maybe they want to put faces with names. Maybe they’re hoping to get a “feel” if your company is the right fit. In other words, your team page matters and should be compelling.

So, be honest: how interesting, informative, and real are your team bios? Do they read like an enlightening feature story, one that will make people go “THIS is someone I want to work with?” Or do they read like tedious corporate copy laced with endless jargon?

Yeah, we thought so. :) Don’t worry. If your team bios are suffering from the blues, here are six ideas that’ll spruce them up in no time.
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It’s in the Bag: Promotional Totes That Get the Job Done

earth tote bag
The great thing about promotional tote bags is that people can use them year-round: at the beach, back to school, and on those weekly trips to the grocery store. And let’s not overlook the fact they’re environmentally responsible to boot. Plus, tote bags provide plenty of room for your organization’s imprint or message (there’s nothing like a moveable billboard, right?).

Have you been thinking of ordering new promotional totes for your business (or maybe stocking up on them for the first time)? Wondering which ones to get? Here are eight of our favorites.
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The 411 on Working with Millennials

411 on Twitter HashtagsMillennials are entering the workforce in droves. This new generation is quite different from Generation X and Baby Boomers. Here’s what you need to know about working with Millennials.

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Small Business Marketing: 4 Things You Can Learn from Summer Blockbusters

About pages for websites tell stories
‘Tis the season. No, not THAT season. We’re talking the season of summer blockbusters, a time when small business owners can learn a lot in terms of marketing, advertising, and promotions.

Take a lesson from Tinsel Town and pay attention to these four strategies.
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Feeling Rusty? 3 Awesome Trainings to Boost Your Marketing Power

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by marketing jargon? Do you wish you had an easy way to learn all the things you need to know to promote your small business effectively? Are you in charge of “content creation,” but you find yourself feeling lost or uninspired?

Well, guess what? Here are three low-cost and free training opportunities (two online and one in person) that can give you the knowledge you need to market your business with more confidence.
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