Awesome Holiday Gifts for Clients

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts for clients. Order now and avoid the last-minute rush. And if you need some ideas, you’ve come to the right place: here are our top picks for 2014.

Elegant Pen Gift Sets

Pen gift sets make an ideal holiday present because they’re more substantial than “just a pen” (not that there’s anything wrong with giving out solo pens throughout the rest of the year!). These gift sets includes two items delivered in a gorgeous presentation. A couple of our favorites are below.

Delane Pen and Pencil Gift Set. Writing instruments never looked so good! We don’t know which feature we like more: the eye catching high shine barrel or the stunning engraved imprint. Choose from a lovely selection of colors and be prepared to WOW recipients.delane pen and pencil gift set

Entice Stylus/Litewell Gift Set. The name says it all, doesn’t it? This gift set is SO enticing because it serves up an unexpected, but useful combo: a stylus and a flashlight keychain. Both items have plenty of room for your custom imprint, doubling the chances your recipient will see your company name on a regular basis.

entice stylus gift set

Stylish Drinkware

Promotional drinkware options are seemingly endless so you can mix and match the best type of glasses, cups, mugs, and more to your business and audience. Here are two awesome options to consider:

Digital Ceramic Mug. Choose from our exclusive designs or upload your own—it’s up to you! This promotional item is one of our most popular since it’s fun, useful, BPA FREE, and top-shelf dishwasher safe.

digital ceramic mug

Hilo Bistro Mug Matte Finish 16 oz. Sleek and stylish, these bistro mugs have a modern flair, thanks to their cool shape and colorful interiors. One happy customer summed up his experience succinctly: “Great quality product. Fast turn around and delivery. Great Job! Would purchase again.”

hilo bistro mug

Must-Have Padfolios

Padfolios make an excellent gift since they’re highly functional. Everyone needs certain business essentials at the ready, like a pad of paper, pen, and business card, right? The padfolio organizes these items and keeps them all together without spilling out. Two popular choices are below.

Avalon Padfolio. Avalon is a trusted name that provides the highest quality products, and its line of padfolios is evidence of this fact. The leather-like exterior boasts the popular Avalon design. Inside, you’ll find organizational pockets and a handy penholder. Plus, we’ll screen print your logo and company name in silver or gold for added panache.

avalon padfolio

Delegate E-Padfolio. Sometimes you need more than a typical padfolio. You need a souped-up version, one that goes the extra mile. That’s exactly what this padfolio does. In addition to the traditional items it holds, like pads of paper, it also has a scratch-resistant sleeve (with Velcro) for your e-reader or tablet, a smartphone mesh pocket and pen loop, a USB drive holder, and a zippered enclosure, which keeps everything safe. And, yes, there’s plenty of room for a stylish custom imprint as well.

delegate e-padfolio

Yummy Food Treats for Gift Giving

When is free food NOT a crowd pleaser? These gifts are tasty, thoughtful, and did we mention tasty? Here are two delicious selections to consider.

Numero Uno Gourmet Sampler. Promotional food samplers always make your business stand out. And there’s bound to be something inside that satisfies even the most finicky eaters. This gourmet gift sampler includes red licorice, honey roasted peanuts, chocolate covered raisins, and trail mix with chocolate (because a person can never have enough). Don’t worry—we won’t tell if you decide to keep one for yourself. :) And yep, there’s plenty of room for your imprint on the lid.

numero uno gourmet sampler

1.5 Belgian Choc Embossed Coins. There’s something quite festive about a bag filled with colorfully wrapped coins, especially when said coins are edible! Choose from milk, dark, or dark mint Belgian chocolate. One customer wrote in to tell us, “The service from your company continues to be excellent. These coins were purchased as a giveaway item for advertising purposes. We never expected to hear how delicious the chocolate was. We got so many positive comments I had to try it for myself. It is delicious!!”

belgian chocolate embossed coins

Terrifically Techie

Since you can’t give a flying car or tickets to next year’s Comic-Con, choose from one of these selections for your techie clients (these also work well if you represent a tech company!).

Chargers Tech Gift Set. Who couldn’t use an extra set of chargers? The portable lithium battery in aluminum shell allows users to charge their devices virtually anywhere. And every time this puppy rescues someone yet again, it will be YOUR company name that he sees—and praises. Score!

chargers tech gift
Deluxe Tablet Stand. Now you and your tablet can look GOOD! With your choice of four trending colors, this multi-purpose three position stand can accommodate just about any e-reader tablet device. (Only exceptions are the Kindle DX or Galaxy Tab 10.1).


Gifts for Tight Budgets

While it’s great if you can go all-out for holiday gift giving, sometimes our budgets end up playing Scrooge. Never fear! Here are two low-cost items that will still bring a smile to a customer’s face.

Promo Penlight. One happy customer sums up this product best: “These are great, little pen/flashlights. My client LOVED them because they served two (practical) purposes. Also, the barrel allowed for multiple lines of imprinting, which came in handy because they wanted a specific quote along with the event name printed on it! They were a real HIT!”

promo pen light 

Gizmo 3-in-1 Keychain. It’s a keychain, bottle opener, and flashlight wrapped into one cool product that people are sure to love—and use—which means there will be plenty of opportunities for them to see your company name.

gizmo 3-in-1 key chain

Tasteful Gift Packaging Available As Well

By the way, we can help you with the presentation of your gifts, either the ones above or for something entirely different. Here are some popular gift packaging options that you might need for the month of December…and beyond:

Metallic Bottle Gift Bag. Because nothing says “happy holidays” like a bottle of something scrumptious.

metallic bottle gift bag

Metallic Tote Bag. This is perfect for bigger gifts. Or you could fill this tote with a bunch of smaller wrapped items. Imagine the fun your customers will have as they discover all the treasures inside.

metallic tote

Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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