6 Strategies for Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Humor in Marketing
Let’s face it: no one likes it when there’s an unhappy customer. But how you respond to this customer can be a defining moment for you and your business. Here are some strategies for navigating these choppy and unpredictable waters.
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Website Tips: Is Your Contact Page Working Hard Enough?

Tips for Keeping Data SafeAfter the home page, the contact page is often one of the most viewed pages on a business website. It makes sense, since people are often looking for a phone number, address, or other contact info. But this leads to a question: how compelling is your contact page? Is it just a form, phone number, and little else? If you said yes, then you’re wasting precious viewing time.

Here’s how to take your contact page from blah, blah, blah to totally compelling.
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Turnkey Marketing: 3 Things We Can Learn from Franchises

2014 Marketing Plans: What Real Businesses Are Doing
One of the reasons franchises so often succeed is because of their approaches to marketing. Here’s what small business owners can learn.
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Overcoming Business Challenges: What Real People Have Done

avoid marketing mistakes
Even the most successful small businesses have faced their fair share of challenges. The issue isn’t always how to avoid challenges, since some are inevitable. The key is figuring out what to do when you come face-to-face with one.

For this post, we asked real small business owners to share some of their biggest challenges, including how they overcame them.

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6 Awesome Promotional Products for Fall Marketing Campaigns

Well, fall is officially here, and you know what that means: marketing campaigns are about to heat up as people race to the finish line. Make your campaigns extra special by adding promotional products to the mix—products that are as functional as they are eye-catching.

Here are six that get the job done right.
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Customer Service Tips: 5 Things You Should Never Say

3.4.13_Customer Service over Social
We’ve all been there, dealing with challenging customers. Don’t make the situation any worse. Here are five things you should never say to customers (even if you feel like it).
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How to Set a Marketing Budget

Home Office Design Tips from the Frontlines
You probably know how important it is to have a marketing plan. But what about the money that will support that plan? How do you figure that out?

If you find the money part incredibly perplexing, don’t worry (and know that you’re not alone). Here’s how to arrive at the magic money number.
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