11 Cool Gifts to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

World's Best Employee mug
We’d be lost without our administrative assistants, right? Make sure you celebrate them on their special day, April 23. The clock is ticking!

Wondering what to get them? Here are eleven cool promotional products to consider. Continue reading

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5 Ways to Embrace Word of Mouth in the Digital Era

Entrepreneur Mind Games
The little black dress. Coca-Cola. The electric slide. These things are all classics, tried and true, integral parts of our culture in years past and just as important today. In the marketing world, amidst social media, blogs and TV and magazine advertisements, word of mouth marketing still reigns supreme as a classic marketing strategy you’d be foolish to overlook.

Why is word of mouth marketing so effective? Commercials and advertisements in magazines and on the radio may be a great way to generate awareness of your brand in the beginning, but target audiences aren’t identifying with them. People aged 18 through their late twenties have developed the ability to spot phony reviews when they see them. These people crave authenticity. They want a genuine message that inspires them, resonates with them and makes them think, “Yeah, I could go for this.”
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PR Tips: 4 Takeaways We Can Learn from Awards Season

The Power of PR
The Academy Awards were held a couple of weeks ago, wrapping up an action-packed, never-boring awards season in Hollywood. And while there are many talented actors, actresses, and directors deserving of the gold statuette, there’s something else that’s equally deserving of accolades and attention: the PR that goes into promoting the films and creating the Oscar buzz.

Let’s take a closer look at this well-oiled PR machine and talk about what small business owners can learn and apply to their own businesses.
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Do You Still Need an Email Newsletter? Business Owners Weigh In.

email newsletter

It’s 2014. With all the ways we have to communicate with our clients and customers, do we still need to send out regular email newsletters? Some small business owners weigh in.
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Cause Marketing: The Win-Win of Business/Non-Profit Partnerships

lyoness article

On December 19, 2013, a team of T-Mobile Calling Center employees pulled up in a U-Haul at a public elementary school in one of Charleston, South Carolina’s more low-income neighborhoods and began unloading gifts. The Calling Center had decided to participate in the local Angel Tree program more than a month ago, and called the school to find out how many students they could sponsor. From bikes to beds and everything in between, more than 50 students were thrilled beyond words to find out that their Christmas wishes had been granted.
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Mobile Marketing 101: Strategies for Riding the Mobile Wave

Mobile Marketing Tips & Tricks
Last year, we wrote a detailed article about making sure your website is mobile ready. But the truth is that’s just one step you need to take in order to effectively ride the mobile wave (a wave that won’t be crashing any time soon).

Here are seven strategies to consider.
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Say Hello to Our Sleek, Sophisticated Stylus Pens

Some things just go together, right? Like peanut butter and jelly. Tarzan and Jane. Burgers and fries.

Well, at Amsterdam Printing, we also have a perfect pairing: our custom stylus pens.
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