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6 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Create Awesome Evergreen Content

Part of a sound marketing strategy is the ability to develop “evergreen content,” those words that stand the test of time and rarely go out of date or style.

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6 Strategies for Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Let’s face it: no one likes it when there’s an unhappy customer. But how you respond to this customer can be a defining moment for you and your business. Here are some strategies for navigating these choppy and unpredictable waters.

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6 Reasons to Have Regular Employee Reviews

Have you been wondering whether you should have regular employee reviews? The answer is yes. Here’s why. 1. Regular communication is critical to success. If your employees operate in a vacuum where they have no formal feedback on their performance, … Continue reading

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Have We Reached the Content Marketing Saturation Point?

Earlier this year, social media guru Mark Schaefer coined the phrase “content shock” and made a compelling argument that content marketing is not a sustainable strategy for businesses. Only brands with deep pockets will be able to ride the content … Continue reading

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7 Questions You Should Ask a PR Consultant

If you’re going to outsource public relations work to a PR consultant, it’s important to do your homework and properly vet the candidates. Here are seven questions you should ask along with what to look for in their answers.

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Website Tips: 6 Ways to Make Your Team Bio Pages More Readable & Fun

If your website visitors take the time to look at your “About” section, specifically your team/management page, it’s probably because they’re curious about the people behind the company. Maybe they want to get a better sense of people’s credentials. Maybe … Continue reading

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Small Business Marketing: 4 Things You Can Learn from Summer Blockbusters

‘Tis the season. No, not THAT season. We’re talking the season of summer blockbusters, a time when small business owners can learn a lot in terms of marketing, advertising, and promotions. Take a lesson from Tinsel Town and pay attention … Continue reading

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