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4 Tips for Evaluating Your Q1 Marketing Efforts

It’s hard to believe Q1-2014 is almost over. So, yeah: about that marketing plan. What worked and what didn’t? Before you answer, let’s talk about HOW to evaluate your marketing efforts before making any adjustments as you head into Q2. … Continue reading

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What Customers Really Think of Our Promotional Products

It’s easy for us to say we have the best promotional products on the planet, but we admit that we might be a little biased. :) So we thought we’d turn this blog post over to our customers so you … Continue reading

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Hello, Spring! 17 Awesome Products for Golf Outings & Warmer Weather

It’s been a brutal winter (thanks, Polar Vortex), so we’re all more than ready for spring. If the weather where you are hasn’t quite gotten the hint yet, don’t fret. Instead, think sunny thoughts and peruse our top promotional product … Continue reading

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Say Hello to Our Sleek, Sophisticated Stylus Pens

Some things just go together, right? Like peanut butter and jelly. Tarzan and Jane. Burgers and fries. Well, at Amsterdam Printing, we also have a perfect pairing: our custom stylus pens.

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Stuck on What Content to Create? Here Are 7 Strategies for Getting Unblocked

Have you been tasked with writing amazing content for your business? Does the word “amazing” leave you feeling dry-mouthed and shaky? Don’t worry. You’re just suffering from a case of writer’s block. Here’s how to overcome it.

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Marketing Tips: What You Can Learn from the Big Game’s Best Commercials

Well, it’s another Big Game down in the books! While many people will be talking about their favorite commercials around the water cooler today—ones that made them laugh, cry, or go “What the heck?”—we thought we’d share five commercials and … Continue reading

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8 Questions to Ask If You Outsource Your Social Media

In our previous post, we talked about whether your small business should outsource social media to a third party. If your answer was yes, here are eight questions to ask potential social media consultants. 1. How long have you been … Continue reading

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