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Give Us Your Valuable Vote and Get a Free Personalized Pen

First, some background information on this campaign… Here at Amsterdam Printing, we are working hard to bring new pen designs to our customers.  We believe that the businesses of our customers are truly unique and we want to support that … Continue reading

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5 Companies Launch Ambush Marketing Attacks

Some weird things have been happening at sporting events recently. Why were a group of lovely ladies arrested at this year’s World Cup for wearing orange dresses? Why did hundreds of soccer fans have to strip to their underwear? Is … Continue reading

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20 Best Gadgets and Gizmos for your Mug

1. USB Drink Warmer This “USB Drink Warmer 4-Port USB Hub”, will keep your beverages nice and toasty while you’re busy elsewhere, and gives you 3 spare USB 2.0 ports to plug in your other gadgets right on your desktop. Temperature … Continue reading

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Heat Up Your Summer Events!

Kick off this summer by heating up your connection with customers and your community! Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to start what will be a season filled with exciting celebrations, events with patriotic pride and awareness focused activities! … Continue reading

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Turquoise to Be Named Color of the Year for 2010 by Pantone

Turquoise… seriously?  I never thought at the innocent age of 5, that the color of my leotard would be named color of the year 25 years later.  I really was cool back then – I knew it! In all seriousness, … Continue reading

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Outdoors Training Began! 2010 CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge

In preparation for the upcoming 3.5 mile Workforce Team Challenge, I’ve been training for the past few months on the treadmill.  It was fairly nice in Upstate New York this weekend, so I decided to take my training to the … Continue reading

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Google Buzz and Small Businesses

Social media presence seems to be crucial in today’s world. There are so many ways to stay in touch with your customers—through company blogs, email newsletters, Twitter, Facebook fan pages, even YouTube. Generating buzz online is increasingly harder to do … Continue reading

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