Employee Morale Booster: Fun Team-Building Ideas

Strong, happy teams make for strong, happy businesses. Your number one asset is the people who work for you. But even the best and most loyal employees need a morale booster from time to time and a way to re-engage with the company’s core mission, management, and fellow employees. Enter company team building, a great way to promote camaraderie and foster loyalty among your employees.

Here are some fun team-building ideas for you to consider:

1. Indoor rock climbing. Rock climbing involves concentration and split-second decision-making, all good skills for each individual team member to work on. At the same time, by putting people on teams and encouraging a little healthy competition (e.g. which team can have all its members climb the wall first/the fastest?), you now get people to work on another important skill set: teamwork.

2. Outdoor ropes courses. This helps build confidence within each individual person and for the team as a whole as members work together and encourage one another.

3. Old-fashioned tug-of-war. Create teams and let each one devise strategies for outmaneuvering — and out-tugging — the other. (This is a fun game for the annual company picnic or parking lot BBQs in the summer.)

4. Volunteer day. Create teams and send them out to some local charities, such as soup kitchens. When the teams return, have the members share their experiences within their own team and then with members from other teams.

Looking for a great way to conclude these team-building activities and wrap up the day? Hand out personalized gift sets to the participants, such as a pen and letter opener gift set, a hat & T-shirt gift set, or a promotional photo frame/alarm clock (hint: take a group picture of the team and put it in the frame).

photo frame alarm clock

Note: Keep in mind that not all team-building activities have to be off-site. You can include simple exercises in on-site meetings as well. These exercises don’t need to eat up a lot of time, either. Here’s a great resource we found for team-building ideas that are perfect for 3-10 participants (making them ideal for meetings).

How ’bout you? Do you include team building within your organization? Does it help boost employee morale? Do you have any favorite exercises or activities? We want to hear them – share in the comments.

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4 Responses to Employee Morale Booster: Fun Team-Building Ideas

  1. You”ve shared some great inexpensive ideas here. Another way to incorporate teambuilding is to turn your training into a game or activity. It not only makes the learning stick, but builds relationships at the same time. Check out some ideas at http://www.playwithapurpose.com.

  2. Ernie says:

    Laser Tag. Excellent team sport. Builds both confidence in individuals and camaraderie.

    Plan two games and switch up some players for the second game to give everyone the chance to interface with different employees.

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