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At Amsterdam Printing, we “get” the challenges business owners face, because we’re a business owner, too. Which is why we love sharing small business marketing tools and general resources that make life easier for everyone in the office. Here’s our latest roundup:

1. ColorCop. Have you ever been working on, say, an email Color Copnewsletter or maybe trying to create a quick call-to-action button on your website and you couldn’t find the color “code” for your logo’s colors so that you could match everything and make it look great? Well, enter ColorCop, a freebie you download to your computer and then call up whenever you need to double check a color “code” (otherwise known as the hex value or RGB). With your mouse, simply drag the ColorCop pointer to whatever the color in question is and voila! You’ll now be able to match the color, no sweat.

2. Dropbox. Its website explains it best: “Dropbox is a free service that letsDropbox you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!”

3. FreshBooksFreshBooks. Its tagline is “painless billing,” which sounds like an oxymoron, except FreshBooks really does deliver. It’s an easy-to-use invoicing tool (plus more). You can start a free trial (and continue to use the free account forever, according to the site). Paid packages start at $19.95.

4. Grasshopper. It’s a virtual phone system, which is perfect for all those virtual Grassoppercompanies out there. Remember, prospective customers do judge the little things, like whether your organization has its own phone number. Packages start at $9.95 a month. Toll free numbers are available, too. HINT: If you get a new phone number, don’t forget to re-order and reprint your promotional products that include this info.

5. Basecamp. Oh, project manager, project manager – wherefore art thou, project Basecampmanager? If you use Basecamp – an intuitive, web-based project management tool — you’ll no longer be asking this sort of question. You can try it for free for 45 days. Paid packages start at $20/month.

6. Pixability. As its website says, “Pixability makes online video marketing super easy.” It provides video editing services, video marketing software, YouTubPixabilitye marketing support, and analytics. This is likely the priciest product out of the bunch (some of the services you have to ask about pricing), but videos and YouTube channels are becoming more and more important in organic searches and for SEO purposes, so it could be a very wise investment.

What are some of your favorite small business marketing tools or other general business resources? Share in the comments.

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  1. These tool are more helpful for marketing small business. I have also use these tool. Dropbox is one of the favourite tool for my business Emailing.

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