3,200 Thank You’s Later… Gary Vaynerchuk’s Book & a “Thank You Box” Case Study

We were all taught to say “Thank You” whenever somebody helps you or says something nice. It is simply being polite. This manner has always been part of business, too: business owners always say “thank you” after your purchase. By being thankful and polite, you develop positive personal connections, which can often lead to repeat business in the future. It’s nothing new.

However with the technology, internet, and the effort to make everything “an efficient process,” some of the thank-you’s are no longer sincere. How can this be reverted?

The Thank You Economy: A Book and a Case Study

Image of Wine Library TV's Gary Vaynerchuk.

Image of Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In his book “The Thank You Economy,” Gary Vaynerchuk argues that businesses should be more like how businesses were during our grandparents’ times. At that time, everything was local: from your bakery to your pharmacy. Back then, Gary writes, business owners really took the time to get to know you and butchers knew exactly what cut of the meat you usually get, and kept it for your regular visit.

Today, some of those personal connections are lost. The cashier at Walmart doesn’t REALLY care that you shopped there. And all those orders we place online–sure, we receive a “Thank you for your order” email, but so does everybody else. Nothing special there. Nothing makes us stick.

Case Study: Be More Personal and Thank Your Fans

While Gary included plenty of examples of the “Thank You Economy in Action” in the book, he decided to go further and create his own case study. Up until the official release of the book, Gary tweeted a request to his fans: forward him a receipt of a pre-order. In exchange, he promised something cool. Gary fans, also known as Vayniacs, are a crowd which is in LOVE with what Gary does, his talks and his vision (yes, he predicted that Instagram would sell to Facebook last year). A promised surprise simply motivated them to pre-order. And TONS of them pre-ordered and emailed the receipt.

A few months later, Gary asked his twitter followers if they had any merchandise to contribute. Many replied, including us at Amsterdam Printing. We decided to contribute bottle openers with a “#thankyou” hashtag imprint.

Gary crowd-sourced various types of merchandise to fill up each “Thank You Box” (18 items per box!) and shipped all of the boxes to 3,200 people:

Thank You Boxes at VaynerMedia office

Image source.

The power of authentic personalization:


The Result: People tweeting, Instagram-ing, twitpic-ing Thank You Boxes; and huge thanks going back to @garyvee and his VaynerMedia business (and all involved). You can bet that Vayniacs got a VERY pleasant surprise and tons of new loyal fans emerged!

Photos of the Thank You Box contents:

Thank you box photo

Photo: Instagram user kratzpr


All of the awesome companies that contributed:

Thank you box letter

Photo by Instragram user jenboydsd

So, what was inside the box?


How Can YOUR Business Become More Personal?!

Saying “thank you” is nothing new. But when it’s done creatively and sincerely, it breaks through the clutter and earns your customers’ loyalty.

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4 Responses to 3,200 Thank You’s Later… Gary Vaynerchuk’s Book & a “Thank You Box” Case Study

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Agreed – Gary lives and breathes the Thank You Economy, and that’s one of the reasons we were really happy to partner and provide the box for the shipping as well as the wine totes (I think you missed them on your list).

    Here’s to more people being like Gary!

    Danny Brown
    VP, Partner Strategy
    Jugnoo, Inc.

  2. Mike Kawula says:

    So creative and so important. Great role model, along with Zappos for new companies to model. Sharing this with my team tomorrow on why they need to be more personable on the phone with our customers! Thanks!

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