Give Us Your Valuable Vote and Get a Free Personalized Pen

First, some background information on this campaign…
Here at Amsterdam Printing, we are working hard to bring new pen designs to our customers.  We believe that the businesses of our customers are truly unique and we want to support that with everything we do, including your personalized pens.  We sell the most popular pen in the industry, the Bic Clic Stic, but why settle for something that you can see in many banks, gas stations, and offices?  We design many of our pens in-house, here in Upstate New York, and work with vendors around the globe to produce them.

Introducing New Pens

So far this year, we introduced over 20 newly designed pens, with various features like Comfort-Inlay™ grip, decorative Silver Line™ etching, full color designs, and Tone-on-Tone™ pattern.  If you’ve been our customer for a while, you’d know that we love sending out personalized samples, simply because the best way to promote our products is letting customers see them.  Well, today, we’d like to try a similar program, but with more control on your side!

Learn how to vote & get your personalized pen:

Today, We Want Your Vote in Exchange for a Personalized Pen

We created a page which will cast your votes.  The first battle is the Entice Pen vs. the Ultima Pen.  Just click on the “Vote for Me” button, fill in your information & up to 3 imprint lines, and we’ll mail it to you, absolutely free!  Your email will be subscribed to our regular email updates which will send you great specials & offers on promotional products.

Vote for Your Favorite Personalized Pen

We would love to hear your opinion when you get your personalized pen – please leave all of your feedback on our Facebook page at

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2 Responses to Give Us Your Valuable Vote and Get a Free Personalized Pen

  1. margie chafton says:

    i got the free entice pen, i was surprised at the overall quality look, the light weight easy writer will be a great addition to my husbands line of work. it will also will also help promote his clientel. it easily flows as you write, for those quick reference notes.thankyou for the sample, we will remember amsterdam as a great company with quality merchindice.

  2. Antoinette Willis says:

    Tried to place an order and singup on your web site had great difficulty

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