20 Best Gadgets and Gizmos for your Mug

1. USB Drink Warmer

This “USB Drink Warmer 4-Port USB Hub”, will keep your beverages nice and toasty while you’re busy elsewhere, and gives you 3 spare USB 2.0 ports to plug in your other gadgets right on your desktop.

Temperature range is between 122 -140 degrees Fahrenheit, and the USB Drinks Warmer includes a LCD display to keep you informed of such things as the current time and hot-plate temperature. It also includes an alarm, to help ensure you’re not late for important meetings. Also good for warming your hands (or soup) on chilly workdays, the USB Drink Warmer plugs in to any available USB port with its 5ft cord, requires no software or drivers.

2. Music Mug

You can think of the Yuento Music Mug as the iPod speaker dock for all techno-geek coffee drinkers.

Hidden at the bottom of the mug is a tiny stereo input you connect your iPod to, allowing your sweet sounds to flow from the bottom of the unit. It is created by Japanese designer, Masato Tokuno.

3. Auto Stirrer

How many times have you had a cup of coffee that needs to be stirred up but you don’t have a spoon, fork, knife, or stirrer handy? Gevalia has just introduced a mug with a special base that runs on two AAA batteries and promises “to gently stir your beverage at the push of a button”. These12-ounce mugsare also insulated to ensure that your hot beverage remains piping hot. It comes with a transparent snap-on lid which prevent any spills that could potentially cause bodily harm or (more importantly) damage to your electronics.

4. Flashing Drinks Holder

This LED Flashing Cup Holder will give out charming flashing lights when you press the button at the base. It is deal for holding your paper or plastic coffee cups with a 4.4cm diameter base. It is powered by button batteries which can be easily replaced. Great fun if you want to drink coffee at the office party, or if you are trying to have a hot drink in the middle of a power cut!

5. Temperature Sensor Mug

Art. Lebedev Studio

The battery image becomes visible if you pour a drink hotter than 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 Fahrenheit).

The fuller the mug, the more potent the battery. This mug is microwave safe, but should be protected from direct sunlight. It’s better to wash it by hand as the sensor can be harmed in the dishwasher.

6. Warmstir

The USB Warming and Stirring Coffee Cup is charged via a USB port on your PC. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that will help keep your hot beverage in perfect condition by warming and gentlystirring it. There are four different colors to choose from: Brown, Pink, White and Yellow.

7. Dunker Mug

Dunker Mug with vibrant multi-colored polka dots is a new limited edition version of the best selling dunking mug with biscuit holder. It is designed by Dominic Skinner and is also available in a range of colors. So, beat the winter blues and warm yourself up with a nice hot mug of mocha, latte or luxurious hot chocolate. Add a couple of your favorite biscuits for dunking – then snuggle up with a good dvd or book.

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8. Plug Mug

Spinning Hat’s Plug Mug features an ingenious design that ensures that only the person in possession of the watertight drain plug can enjoy a cup without ending up with a scalding lap full of hot liquid. The bright exclamation mark and stop sign should give sufficient warning, but just in case they don’t…..

* A mug with a plug that can be taken out and kept.

* Ideal for deterring pesky mug thieves.

* Dishwasher safe.

* Suitable for ages 14 years+.

* Size: 11 x 9.5 x 8 cm.

Warning – Once fluid is in the mug, do not touch the plug – this could lead to leakage (obvious, really, but we have to warn you).

9. Stamp Mug

Now, this is a really clever idea. Many people hate the stains that coffee mugs leave on tables, and will spend a fortune buying all sorts of coasters, mini-mats and dinky plates. Instead, your coffee table can become a work of art. You can now encourage your friends to be as sloppy as they like, leaving coffee stains wherever they want to! These mugs come with two different designs on the base that interlock in a few places, so you can create a truly original design.

Designer: Valeria Miglioli & Barnaby Barford

10. Magic Cup Cap

The silicone cup cap attaches on any open container to create a lid with a nice seal. It works with suction and is great for keeping your tea warm and allows you to carry your drink without spillages. It also has a hook for a tea bag string. Perfect for 11 oz personalized mugs!

11. Mug Hug

Don’t know if your coffee is too hot to drink? Smart Lid Systems from Sydney, Australia has come up with a solution. The lid changes co lour depending on the temperature of the beverage. If the coffee is too hot to drink, the lid is a bright red, and if the coffee is a safe temperature, the lid turns brown. Besides saving you from burning your mouth, the lid has an additional safety feature. If the lid co lour isn’t solid across the top it indicates that the lid may not be securely fastened. Secure the lid and the co lour should become uniform.

12. Mug Stand

With an Adkaf Mug Stand you’ll never spill coffee again. It’s ideal for the office desk, coffee table, and of course your boat! They are designed to fit D-handle mugs, and they hold most medium and large sized mugs. The stands are made from hard wearing plastic and are easy to clean.

Source   Photo source

13. Splat Stan

Stan got splatted protecting your table top from tea and coffee stains! He’s designed by Suck UK, and made from thermoplastic silicone rubber, 115 x 130 x 20 mm. If you like Stan, then check out the rest of his family – Dead Fred, Hanging Harry, Stress Ball Paul and Book Mark!

14. Chocolate Coaster

These cardboard mats are infused with 100% aromatics, that gently release a chocolate aroma into the room when a hot mug or cup is placed on them. Each pack contains 5 chocolate scented coasters in foil a pouch, and each coaster should last about a month. If you don’t fancy chocolate, then there are 21 other aromas to choose from. Warning – despite how good they smell, these mats are not edible!

15. Gingerbread House

These tiny gingerbread houses are meant to be perched on the edge of a mug of hot chocolate. Made from a classic gingerbread recipe and decorated in royal icing, full instructions (including a PDF pattern to open or download) can be found on the not martha.com website. Remember – don’t fill your mug of hot chocolate too full, you don’t want the bottom of your gingerbread house to get soggy.

16. Edible Mug Lid

Another ingenious way to keep your coffee warm – edible mug lids. The biscuit is round with a soft shell that keeps the coffee warm. You can turn it over and soak the top in your coffee, too! The recipe for these gorgeous hazelnut biscuits can be found in the book “Agitateur de goût”, by Sébastien Gaudard.

Available from Amazon – but you’ll need your French dictionary.

17. Mug Cozy

Chunky woolly jumpers for mugs may not sound like a good thing, but you are able to keep your tea hot and warm your hands at the same time. For all you keen knitters, there is a pattern for the “Diagonal Mock Cable Mug Cozy” on homespunliving.

18. Mug Monkey

Coffee breaks need not be boring – try monkeying around with these adorable Monkey Cozies. One size fits all. They come in a range of colors. and facial expressions. Whatever your coffee drinking mood, you will find a Monkey Cozy to suit.

19. Mug Jewelry

The cozy/cuff SNAP is designed by Megan Auman and is constructed from laser cut, soft 3mm wide felt and comes in light gray, dark gray, black, light turquoise, camo green, and fuchsia pink. It has two sets of snaps – the shorter to wear as a bracelet, the longer to use as a coffee cup cozy.

20. Coffee Cup Sling

This lovely little coffee cup sling solves the problem of how to carry your piping hot drinks without spilling them. More attractive than a cardboard tray, the bright red wool blend yarn will also keep your coffee nice and toasty.The cozy has an open bottom so can fit any size coffee container. It has been tried and tested many times and really works!



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